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  • Speaking engagements
  • New Writing opportunities with your publication, newsletter or Blog site
  • Singing opportunities
  • VoiceOver work
  • Lay Speaker work with the United Methodist Church, or other churches in need of a temporary replacement for a pastor that is away, sick or just needs some time off!
  • Veteran and Civic organizations looking for a vocalist for the National Anthem
  • or God Bless America
  • Slideshow video production for businesses, large or small, and personal videos for loved ones

I am a United Methodist Lay Speaker,

certified Oct. 2017. I love to go to other churches and lead services and sing! If your Pastor needs time,

call me. (315) 480-8811  M-F  9-5 Eastern

or email me Cynthia@ForevermoreOnline.com

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Cynthia Saarie

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Hi, This isn't my recipe, just my video on how I made this recipe. I got it from Pintrest. It does taste Great. I'm sure You'll love it, too!

Ecclesiastes 3:1    To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.

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Please help me pray for 
Missionary Noreen Corey

she is on the Western Coast in
Bata, Equatorial Guinea, Africa.
Noreen teaches sign language, in Spanish, to hearing impaired children. Many lost their hearing when they contracted Malaria. She built this School and trained other teachers. 
Donate to help Noreen,

100% goes to her.
Send your tax-deductible donation to:

JED Ministries
PO Box 4332
Irma, SC 29063

I love this woman! She's the best! I have never met another like her, and I look forward to her coming home every Summer for a few months.

God is like WiFi. You don't see it, but when it's working, You Know It!

Romans 8:28  We KNOW that in Everything, God Works for Good, with those that Love Him: who are Called according to  His Purpose