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Article Contributing to HARO
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Lake George's 

      Community Band

           Festival July


   One of the finest music festivals held in NY State each year is the Community Band Festival at Lake George. It’s always held the third weekend of July. Music fills the air in the pristine foothills of the Adirondack Mountains overlooking the clear waters of Lake George.
   This year will mark the 14th annual weekend in Shepard Beach Park Amphitheater. At 5 pm on Friday, July 20th, music will reign over the park which overlooks Lake George. This is the largest Community Band Festival in the Eastern US. Concert bands from all over the Northeast and Canada join in celebrating some of the world’s finest music pieces. Broadway show tunes, Patriotic melodies, and music to make you just get up and dance. It po
urs throughout the hamlet of Lake George on that Friday evening and all day Saturday.
   Bring a lounge chair or blanket and park yourself overlooking Lake George while your mind wanders through the wonderful music that has brought people here for fourteen summers. Many of the hotels are within walking distance of the park, and many are just outside of the town on Canada Street. Book early, rooms fill fast for this wonder-filled musical weekend.
   One place that I go to year after year is the Lake Motel, right on Canada Street, two blocks from Shepard Beach Park. Rooms run about $260 a night for the Community Band Festival. They have a site right on Lake George. 
There'sa heated pool and canoes to use on the Lake.
Lake Motel
380 Canada St
Lake George NY 12845
Phone: 518-668-2810

Contributing to HARO

Help a Reporter Out

Cynthia Saarie


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Article for International Living's Incomes Abroad

All at once I knew. I Had to Get Away,
And Now!
I knew he saw me. I heard him call out my name
as I ran down the stairs.
I knew my life would now be on the run

   I saw my boss, the Manager of an Expensive and Exclusive Country Club, stealing with the Head Chef. They were loading crates of expensive champagne and liquor into the back of his van. I had just finished my shift and had taken my time changing down in the basement where our locker room was. I had come up the back stairs to go out to where my car was parked when I saw the two of them. The Manager, who shall remain nameless, saw me.

  “Cynthia, Cynthia, it’s not what you think…,” the Manager shouted as he saw me turn and start running down the stairs. I saw Chef had put down the crate he was carrying when he saw me. He withdrew a pistol from his chef’s coat and started after me.

Incomes Abroad welcomes you to peek into a life
That you may not have ever thought about.
A life on the run, overseas in a new country!

   Have you ever thought about people on the run? What would possess someone to cash in their chips and live their life on the run? That’s not my idea of a good time. I don’t think anyone would like it. Unless you were doing it as a Mystery Touring Business for those customers seeking the Ultimate in a Getaway for Fun!

That’s what I do for a living!
I run an Exotic Mystery Touring Business in Mexico!
Incomes Abroad  wantsYou to Experience
A wonderful life overseas,
( Not a life on the run! ) 

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CopyWriter by trade, with the compulsion to write for fun as well.

You will Hear my Smile in my Words.  Cynthia Saarie

"As time has evolved and different practices have come and gone, the thing that really works is using engaging content as a way to draw people to your business.It’s less of a pitch and more about being helpful and educating people. We’re educating people enough to do business with us."

— Brian Clark, founder of Copy-blogger

Hello! My name is Cynthia Saarie. I'm a CopyWriter.

I Specialize in the Christian Sector, but I'm Fluent in Many Genres. As a Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church, my Faith is my Bond. I am commanded by God always to give my very best in everything I do. When clients have something Important to tell potential customers, they turn to me. I'm someone who knows how to explain those ideas and turn those potential customers, into Understanding and Purchasing customers. They trust my words. My sincerity shines through. I know clients are thrilled with my work. They realize I will only take a project when

I can give my very best.

You Need a CopyWriter, and I'm Your Girl!

Cynthia Saarie
AWAI, American Writer's and Artists, Inc. Certified Freelance CopyWriter
Specializing in the Christian Market
Fluent in other Writing Genres
Located in Central Syracuse, NY Area

Lake George's Community Band Festival

Phoenix Community Band


Hey God, You are Funny!  

Also Printed on AMA: Ask Me Anything

God, You sure do have a Great sense of Humor.

When you pray, you expect to get what you pray for, correct?

I mean, what would be the point of praying if you didn't get what you asked God for? My life has been a series of asking, believing I would receive and getting. I have to be very careful of what I ask for because God has a sense of Humor that can be unnerving and sometimes unbelievable!

I asked God for a Pool. My community had a great pool and locker room for everyone to use and take lessons at and just enjoy the summer in. I have memories of my son with blue lips and arms about himself shivering after jumping in at 8 am for his swimming lesson. He did get his lifeguard certification and one of his first jobs was as a lifeguard at a waterpark not far from our home. Everyone enjoyed the pool for many years.

The problem was, the pool was over 25 years old. It was costing the village more to repair than just filling it in, once and for all. That's what they ended up doing. We were sad to see the locker room bulldozed under and the pool filled in and grass seed planted.

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