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You Own a Business. You Need Professional Services. The Kind of services that bring results to stay current in Today's Marketplace. You need a CopyWriter. Cynthia Will Bring You Results. A Voice that Smiles,   A Smile that Sings! You will HEAR my Smile in the copy I write for YOU.

Lay Speaker

I am a certified Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church. Able to lead church services in all Prostestant and Non-Denominational Churches.

VoiceOver / SlideShows

By the year 2020 80% of all websites will have a video or slideshow video. Will Your Website be one of them? I'm a Producer of Slideshow videos and I'm a VoiceOver Artist.


I am a Certified Professional Copywriter. AWAI Trained. Americian Writer's and Artists, Inc. They are the Best because they Work the way they Teach.

awarded Author

"Are You in the Will?" the Award Winning book by Cynthia. 5 Star Award from Reader's Favorite.

Cynthia Saarie - ForevermoreOnline CopyWriter  specializing in the Christian Sector

Fluent in Secular Content, Sales Letters, Emails,

Newsletters, Articles, and Blog Posting. 

1 Minute




American writer's alliance

Writing gives license to dreaming on paper. To place words that are portals to help others to share my dreams. I love to write. It brings smiles.                            

My Belief
I am a Christian and Believer in Jesus Christ. My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28 For we know that in Everything God works for Good, for those that Love Him, who are Called according to His Purpose.

  Sales Letter Sample

Cynthia Saarie, Representative of Puptastic Naturals
242 E. Belvidere Rd.
Grayslake, IL  60030

pril 6, 2018

Mr. Thomas Williams
Happy Hearts Rescue and Adoption Center                       
260 E. Belvidere Rd.
Grayslake, IL  60030

Dear Mr. Thomas Williams,

   Thank you for requesting information on our newest product from Puptastic Naturals. We are very excited to bring the best out for our furry friends! I’ve enclosed some of our most recent fliers for you to display at your Center. It features a coupon for the new adoptive customer to receive a 5 Flavor Sampler of our NEW 100% Natural Dog Treats when they purchase from you one of our 32-ounce box of treats. Our suggested retail price is $10.99, but the price you set is your choice. The price you’d pay is $ 4.99 a box.

   These treats are made in our home kitchen 
right up the road from your Center. The State and the FDA have accredited us on our standards of “people food” quality foods to feed your family. We understand that our dogs are a part of our family! We give our best to our products, so your family of furry friends gets the best nutrition, and balanced diet money can buy. Puptastic products will be featured in very few places around the Chicago area; none are in direct competition with your business. Puptastic makes it even better for you! Customers will come to you for their favorite foods.

   As a responsible and sensible business owner, we know you watch every dollar spent. We do too! That’s why we have been so excited with the response we’ve received from so many specialty shops around the country, and now, right here at home. We started out as a small online company in 1990, which has grown so fast! In 18 years, we’ve tripled our size.

“My customers order more when they come in to purchase what we have! I can’t keep it on the shelves. As soon as an order comes in, it’s gone! I have orders for 55 boxes. I need 75 more boxes, ASAP!”

      Mary R., Dog Groomer/Store Owner, Roanoke, VA

“Finest product we’ve tested in Years!”

       Bark Magazine, January 2018 edition

“Brad’s fur never shined as much as it does now! Thank you, Puptastic Naturals, for making such a nutritious product that Brad gobbles up!”

        James S., Breeder of Championship Irish Setters, Ocala, FL

    Because we put so many fine flavors and nutrients into our Puptastic Naturals, we want only the finest locations to market our products for sale. What a great addition a new family dog from your Center will provide for a local family, and a great place to show them the best nutrition leads to many happy years of love and companionship. We believe this is a great location to showcase our products to Your Customers.

   We are going to make this even better for you. We are offering you a deal that will leave you totally astounded! We will send to your store 25 boxes of our NEW Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats, five of each flavor for the introductory price of $ 112.25!

That’s just $ 4.49 a box,    $ .50 off each box! If you market each 32-ounce box of Dog

Treats for the $ 10.99 suggested retail selling price,

you will make $ 6 from each box!

Or $ 150 Total, for displaying the NEW Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats!

   If you hurry, place your order by Monday, April 9th, 5 PM, I will send an extra five boxes, one of each flavor to your business, for FREE. That’s 30 boxes total, six of each flavor, for a total of $ 112.25. You will make a total of $ 204.95 Profit for You!

   Mr. Williams, if you call me before the end of the day, today, Friday, April 6th and DOUBLE your order to 50 boxes, with the ten extra boxes for FREE, I will give you a price of NOT $ 224.50, not even $220.00…

   I will send your Happy Hearts Rescue and Adoption Center 60 boxes of  

Puptastic Naturals Dog Treats for $ 199.99.

That’s Right! Not the $ 249.50 for 50 boxes at $ 4.99 each.

Not the $ 224.50 for 50 boxes at $ 4.49 each.

You will receive 50 boxes for just $ 4 each and 10 for FREE.

When you sell them at the suggested retail price of $ 10.99 each,

Your Profit will be $ 459.90!

     Pick up your phone right now and place your order. I have 35 pallets ready to ship out at the end of business today, Friday, April 6th. I can send one right over to your Center if you make that call right now. I am so sure you’ll be excited to find this spectacular buy that I’ll even make up for the Postal Service just in case this letter arrives too late.

I’ll let this order ride until the close of business, Monday, April 9th.

    I look forward to doing more business right here at home, Mr. Williams. Let’s keep American Dogs Happy, and American Businesses growing.

My phone number is 855-924-4464. I’ll be here until 5 PM.


Cynthia Saarie, Representative of Puptastic Naturals

Direct Marketing

Valentus and Melaleuca are two Direct Marketing Companies.  I am a Rep for both. I set appointments to interested people to tell them about these companies. Use the contact form for info.

CopyWriters Network 

I am part of a huge Network of fellow Copywriters. We nurture and help each other. We encourage each other's efforts and praise each success. I thank God for all of you. 

A Voice that Smiles, A Smile that Sings!

YOUR Company

You Own a Company. You Need Professional People to Bring Customers to You. You Need a Copywriter.
​I'm your girl.

Cynthia Saarie, Forevermore Online, Valentus, SlimRoast Optimum

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The Hope of all CopyWriters; 
the ability to tell the world something important, the ability to make it understandable, 
and the ability to compel the reader to act.

As a Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church, my Faith is my Bond. I am commanded by God always to give my very best in everything I do. When clients have something Important to tell potential customers, they turn to me. I'm someone who knows how to explain those ideas and turn those potential customers, into Understanding and Purchasing customers. They trust my words. My sincerity shines through. I know clients are thrilled with my work. They realize I will only take a project when
I can give my very best.